Piekfyn Dog & Cat Parlour

At Piekfyn, our aim is to make your pet's beauty trip a pleasant one. Every dog is treated like an individual. Our parlour offer bathing and clipping for small & large breed dogs and cats. Veterinary services is available to clients of the veterinary clinic : sedation, deworming & vaccination. Our Loyalty Card offer the client, half price after ten washes.

Our team is experienced and well trained. Anna has over 30 years experience & used to groom poodles for shows. Patience has 8 years & used to groom at Wendywood vet hospital. Corlia has 5 years & recently completed a course in dog behaviour at the Ethology Academy.

Our service includes:

  1. Brush teeth

  2. Dry and pluck ears

  3. Clip nails free of charge

  4. Tick and flea dip

  5. Speciality Shampoos: hypoallergenic, skin conditions, puppy, etc

  6. Anal sac flushing

  7. Sedation
    If needed, the pet is checked and sedated by the veterinarian.

  8. Deworming

  9. Pick-up & delivery service

  10. Loyalty Card at counter

Pickup and Delivery areas:

Wonderboom, Sinoville, Annlin, Magalieskruin, Montana, Doornpoort, Pretoria North on request.



Contact nr:

Open on the 4th of January 2017