We provide a number of veterinary services, surgery, pet care and much more.


We groom small & large dogs, and cats.


Clean & safe accommodation for your dog.


Sun induced skin cancer
Catflu / katgriep
Human foods to avoid
Puppy pen / Dog crate

About Us

Sinoville Animal Clinic is a Vet Pet friendly environment, and has been in existence for more than twenty years. We give the best informed professional treatment, with the newest equipment on the market. We pride ourselves that we give a 24-hour round the clock care, for very sick patients. Dogs are taken for walks during their stay in hospital.

There are two veterinarians and two well-trained assistants to take care of hospital patients. The veterinarians at this clinic are as follows: Drs Michelle Pazzi and Nadia van Zyl. We are committed to provide consultation hours, over weekends and on holidays, in the mornings and evenings. We run a weight clinic, with printed grafts of weekly weight losses.

Our Vetshop stocks all brands of dog and cat foods. We stock every possible veterinary diet food, and the pets in hospital are maintained on these foods for special conditions. Also available: brushes, jerseys at affordable prices, leads & collars from rogz, speciality shampoos, treats etc.

We also offer a pickup and delivery service for large & small breed dogs & cats to be treated by the veterinarian or to be groomed at the parlour.


Valentine's day treats for Wollies

This year, our team, raised money for the Wollies Animal Organisation. Wollies is a non-profit organisation that rescue and rehome pets in Pretoria North. In order to raise the money we sold a treat for both the owner and their dog. Our clients happily participated. Thank you everybody!

Wollies third birthday party

Everybody took part by walking and caring for the homeless dogs; we also handed out liver treats for the dogs being walked.